Once upon a time there was a girl with thick black hair, who learned to draw by tracing over his dad’s drawings of cowboys and soldiers ...

Pic taken by www.akcespedes.com

Pic taken by www.akcespedes.com

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Hola! ... and thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork.

I am available for commissions and some of the illustrations and paintings on this site are for sale. You can contact me to maria@marialoor.com for inquiries.

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Besides my sketchbook on this site you can also read about my creative process in my sketchblog at marialoor.com, or on my instagram accounts @marialoorart




To see my graphic design work go to www.marialoorstudio.com
or to my main landing site to www.marialoor.com 

If you want to read a little more about me and my work see below... thanks!


I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist happily living in sunny Miami with my two boys, our dog Beauty and Chihiro the kitten.

I LOVE to draw, workout, paddle board and cook vegetarian... and of course the beach.

At the moment I am working on a new venture called QuindeLove with my best friend from a past life :) … stay tuned for more.



Maria Loor is an ecuadorian graphic designer and visual artist whose career spans from art to design and education.  Her work is in private collections around the world such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, United States, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy and Spain.  

2006 • Group exhibition,”85@85”, Mi Arte Gallery, Coral Gables

2006 • Group exhibition,”Battersea Contemporary Art FAir”, London, England

2005 • Group exhibition,”Biennale Internazionale delll’Arte Contemporanea”, Florence, Italy

2004 • Solo exhibition, Series "entre amigos"(Among friends) Renault Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

•Solo exhibition, Series "entre amigos"(Among friends) “Modena”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

•Group exhibition, Miscelaneous work, Dogma Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003 • Group exhibition, Miscelaneous work,Dogma Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Group exhibition. Drawings Series “Razas y Creencias” (races & beliefs), ArtPoint Gallery, Buenos Aires

2001 • Solo exhibition, "De Pont-Aven a Playas" (From Pont-Aven to Playas), Guayaquil, Ecuador

2000 • Group exhibition, III Bienal of Ecuadorian Design, Quito, Ecuador

1997 • Group exhibition, First Show of Graphic   Design Faculty, Casa Grande University, Guayaquil, Ecuador

1994 • Group exhibition, The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island

1993 • Group exhibition, The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island


2008 • AIGA-Miami Chapter, Best Logos Category. Miami, Florida

2004 • Invited/nominated by the International Scientific Comitee to participate in the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte   Contemporanea to be held in December 2005. Florence, Italy

2000 • III Design Bienal, Third Prize, Catalogues Category. Quito, Ecuador

1999 • “Best Ecuadorian Logos”, First Prize and Mention of Honor, Businness and Products Category, Graphic Designers Asociation. Quito, Ecuador

1994 • Bo Bernstein Award. Best Degree Project, Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island, USA

1991 • "Cóndor de Oro" Advertising Award. Best Campaign for magazine and Best Poster, Advertising agencies of Ecuador. Guayaquil, Ecuador

1990 • Best Illustration Award, “El Comercio” Newspaper.  Quito,Ecuador


2008 • ”Best Logo Design”, TASCHEN 

2007 • ”Best Latin American Designers”, TASCHEN 

2005 • ”Feria de arte”, feriadearte.com.ar, portal de artistas contemporáneos. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004 • Interlink Headline News No 3450 (http://www.ilhn.com/ediciones/3450.html) Article about the Series “Entre Amigos” ( among friends)

2002 • Magazine “Hogar” March. Interview “De Pont-Aven a Playas”, Guayaquil, Ecuador

• Book “Graphic Design Gallery 2002” Inforbooks Editorial (ISBN 84-95318-80-6), Madrid, Spain

• com.ec/n/summer/trama.html, “María Loor and the Ecuadorian graphic design”, Quito, Ecuador

• International Design Standhttp://www.scandinaviandesign.com/newsstand/0107.htm  

• Primer concurso nacional de Logoshttp://www.trama.com.ec/T74/rev74g.html

1998 • Book/Catalogue “Diseño Ecuador”, Trama Editorial. Quito, Ecuador

1998-2000 • Graphic Design Magazine “Papagayo”, of the Graphic Artists Asociation several publications. Quito, Ecuador

1994 • School Catalogue, Rhode Island School of Design, ProvidenceRhode Island, USA

To see my graphic design work go to www.marialoordesign.com
or to my main site to www.marialoor.com

Visit my online shop in society6 for prints and designs for sale.


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